Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine Department

With newly equipped facilities, the CDUH Rehabilitation Center has a team of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine Physicians and Therapists that provide complete and professional Rehabilitation services for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy and Sports Medicine.

The Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in CDUH is dedicated to helping patients get back on track after debilitating diseases or injuries with a number of outpatient and inpatient services aimed at meeting the patients’ developing needs throughout the course of recovery, the department caters developmental, speech and language, social and psychological disabilities for a more holistic treatment.

The CDUH Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine is a pioneer in Cebu in the multidisciplinary care of patients with physical and developmental disability. Espousing the Rehabilitation Team Approach, it involves the various rehabilitative specialties of Physiatry, Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) and Orthotics-Prosthetics.

The Department also houses the CDUH Neurophysiology Laboratory, offering the latest technology in the electrodiagnosis and prognostication of brain and neuromuscular disorders, with the Cadwell Easy II machine for Electroencephalography (EEG) and the Cadwell Sierra Wave machine for Electromyography-Nerve Conduction Study (EMG-NCS). The CDUH Fitness Specialist Gym promotes health and wellness among clients and special populations.


  • Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (Physiatry) Evaluation & Prescription
  • Neurophysiology Laboratory (EEG & EMG-NCS)
  • Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatments (including Laser, Shock Wave Therapy & Dynamic Deep Wave Therapy)
  • Occupational Therapy Evaluation & Treatments
  • Speech-Language and Swallowing Evaluation & Therapy
  • Walk Unit: Treadmill with Harness and FES for Post-Stroke & SCI
  • Orthotics & Splinting
  • Hydrotherapy Unit


  • To give a comprehensive physiatric evaluation and diagnosis of disability, utilizing the various medical specialties and diagnostic tools of the hospital.
  • To provide a holistic rehabilitation prescription involving the different paramedical services such as physical, occupational therapy.
  • To employ qualified and competent personnel, able to provide professional rehabilitative services to patients.
  • To give regular seminars to the community on disability awareness, prevention and treatment


High Intensity Laser Therapy


Combining biostimulation and photomechanical stimulation, the BTL High Intensity Laser therapy actually heals the tissue while providing a powerful and non-addictive form of pain management. Laser light, due to its monochromacy and coherency, can be precisely adjusted and its behaviour finely pre-defined. High power allows extremely high penetration of the light, ensuring that the right dose actually reaches the affected area localized deep in the tissue. Moreover, the wavelength-specific photomechanical wave stimulates free nerve endings, thus blocks pain pathways in the nervous systems and brings immediate pain relief.


Shockmaster 300 - Radial shockwave therapy is a modern and very effective method of treatment. The healing process is accelerated by stimulating the self-healing properties of the body. They improve the metabolism and the blood circulation. Damage tissues recover and heal by itself. This will cause the pain to decrease and mobility to improve.

Conditions that can be treated:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Tennis elbow/ Golfer's elbow
  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Heel pain (heel spur, plantar fasciitis)
  • Chronic pain in the neck, shoulder or back
  • Tension headaches
  • Muscle tension caused by painful muscle knots (trigger points)
  • Pseudoarthrosis
Cervical Tranction
Lumbar Tranction

It is the application of force to the spine that elongates the surrounding soft tissues. Stretch and promotes relaxation in the back muscles, reduces the bulging in a herniated disc, and reduces the pressure on the nerve roots in the area of intervertebral foramen. It is a gentle mobilization of joints in subacute joint pain and helps in pain relief.

Duration of application is as prescribed.

  • Cervical and Lumbar Radiculopathy
  • Paraspinal muscle spasm
  • Nerve root impingement
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Compression fracture
  • Disc herniation
Infared Rays

It is a heating modality that gives off superficial dry heat. Infrared rays are ideal for the treatment of Bell's palsy, facial muscle spasm, temporo-mandibular joint pain.

Duration of application is 10 -20 min.

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression

It is an air pump mechanism that forces air into inflatable sleeves or boots that is worn into the arms or legs by a compressor. The result of this pressure is return of fluids in interstitial spaces towards the venous and lymphatic vessels and moving it back towards the heart. It is used for reducing edema, lymphedema, wound healing, and in preventing thrombophlebitis.

Duration of application is 10 minutes or as prescribed by the physician.

It is a controlled low voltage, battery operated machine used as an adjunct in the management of many disorders. The main function is to reeducate the muscles and prevent or delay atrophy. It is also used to reduce spasticity, muscle holding and edema.

Duration of application is 10-15 minutes.

It is a low voltage, battery operated machine which stimulates the nerve to help control the pain. TENS is an ideal for the treatment of acute/chronic pain, post-operative pain, neuropathic and phantom limb pain. It is indicated before potentially painful treatment like stretching a contracture, to elevate the patient's pain threshold.

It is a modality that has a deep heating property and has a pain relieving effects. The depth of penetration to the tissues is generally considered to be from 3-5cm. It helps in the treatment of contractures or adhesions, open wounds, tissue healing, increase local circulation, increase tissue extensibility and chronic arthritis. It has massaging effects.

Duration of application is 5-7 minutes.

It is the application of UVR is indicated for the treatment of ulcers and other types of wounds because of its healing effect thus enhances tissue repair.

It soothes aches and pains, decreases tension in muscles. HCP increases tissue temperature, increase blood circulation and causes analgesia and relaxation which are helpful in chronic conditions. It is useful in the treatment of tight muscles, joint pains, contractures.

Duration of application is 20 min.

It has the same effect with HCP and is ideal for the application to small joints like the fingers. This treats chronic joint disorders, Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis, De Quervain's and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It soothes and softens the skin.


It modalities are considered to be superficial thermal modalities because only the body surface contacts the water. The fluidity properties of water enable water to be a useful substance for treating skin problems and open wounds. It is useful in removing dressings painlessly and for debridement of dead tissues from ulcers or burns or after cast removal.

Cebu Doctors' University Hospital Gym is an area where patients do the supervised exercises with the use of some sophisticated equipments ideal for cardiovascular, conditioning, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy at Cebu Doctors' University Hospital directs patients' participation in selected tasks to restore, reinforce and enhance performance, facilitate learning of those skills and functions essential for adaptation and productivity, diminish or correct pathology, and to promote and maintain health.


It is a diagnostic exam used to differentiate between disorders of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. It is also used in the comprehensive evaluation of people with cervical and lumbar pains syndrome to search for evidence of nerve root compromise.


It is a test used to detect abnormalities related to electrical activity of the brain. This procedure tracks and records the brain wave patterns. Small metal discs with thin wires (electrodes) are placed on the scalp, and then send signals to a computer to record the results. Normal electrical activity in the brain makes a recognizable pattern. Through an EEG, doctors can look for abnormal patterns that indicate seizures and other problems.


  • To diagnose and monitor seizure disorders.
  • Help to identify causes of other problems such as sleep disorders and changes in behavior.
  • Used to evaluate brain activity after a severe head injury or before heart or liver transplantation.


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