Day Surgery

Day Surgery

Published: 2021-11-29

Surgery without admission: CebuDoc launches Day Surgery

CebuDoc, the flagship hospital of the CebuDoc Group, now offers Day Surgery services where patients with uncomplicated diseases can have their surgeries done and only stay in the hospital for less than 12 hours

With a wide range of surgical procedures that can be done under Day Surgery, patients now have the convenience to recover at home after getting high-quality and time-bound surgery from CebuDoc's top-notch team of surgeons

“CebuDoc Group as your most trusted, lifelong healthcare partner has always been committed to innovating and pushing the boundaries of medicine to cater to the rapidly changing times. And without compromise to patient safety and medical integrity, we will keep on advancing services that will respond to the need of the community,” said Dr. Potenciano S.D. Larrazabal, III, President, and Chairman of the Board of CebuDoc Group.

Day Surgery promises to cater to the surgical needs of the people without any further delay caused by the pandemic and open more cost-effective options for patients especially during this time of crisis.

“Many patients have delayed their scheduled surgeries because of several reasons - the pandemic as the major factor. And now, they have the option to get treated already because we have set up the system that is carefully designed with their apprehensions considered, for us to accommodate them,” Dr. Larrazabal added.

Personalized Patient Experience

Aside from shorter hospital-stay and cost-saving, Day Surgery is also poised to reduce patient anxiety and enhance patient’s overall experience because of its streamlined service processes and personalized care model.

A Day Surgery coordinator will be assigned to facilitate every patient’s needs and preparations. They will be making sure that the patient’s surgical journey will be seamless from check-in to check-out.

“One crucial component in the delivery of Day Surgery is having Day Surgery Coordinators to guarantee a systematic and organized processing of necessary hospital documentations and address every patient’s unique needs related to his surgery. This will not only improve patient experience but also ensure the efficiency of the service delivered,” said CebuDoc Operating Room Manager, Nurse Raphaela Suzara.

Equipped and Ready

From its 10 Operating Rooms equipped with advanced technology to the top-notch and fully-certified surgeons who will guarantee safe surgical procedures, CebuDoc is ready to perform Day Surgery.

“Our surgeons are the best in their respective fields and with our highly skilled nurses and support staff, we can assure patients that surgeries performed under Day Surgery Program are safe and beneficial for their well-being,” Nurse Suzara added.

Doctors will book Day Surgery in CebuDoc Operating Rooms for patients with uncomplicated diseases, after which, the Day Surgery coordinator will coordinate with the patients. 

“Patients need to consult their surgeons first. If they qualify, their surgeons will suggest undergoing Day Surgery. Then the surgeon will book the OR, and the Day Surgery coordinator will get in touch with the patient to facilitate his preparations before check-in and even until he checks out,” Nurse Suzara concluded.

Medical Tourism

Before the start of the pandemic in 2020, CebuDoc has been a go-to healthcare institution for patients all over the country with most coming from other parts of Visayas and Mindanao. In 2018 and 2019, CebuDoc has been cited as the Most Outstanding Level 3 Private Hospital in the country among other member hospitals of the Philippine Hospital Association. 

And with the re-opening of the inter-island borders, Cebu also welcomes back patients who come here to avail themselves of high-quality healthcare services including surgeries. With this, Day Surgery becomes a practical and viable option for these travelers. 

“CebuDoc has been known for our proactive endeavors in healthcare. And we will continue to do so. As Cebu’s homegrown healthcare brand, we want to be a landmark of progressive and innovative patient care. We will continue to live by our commitment to being the most trusted and lifelong healthcare partner not just of the Cebuanos but for all Filipinos,” Dr. Larrazabal concluded.

To know more about Day Surgery, you may contact your primary healthcare provider who are affiliated with CebuDoc or contact us at 0998-566-8262 for inquiries and more details.

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