CebuDoc Group Frontliners receive the CoronaVac (Sinovac) vaccine

CebuDoc Group Frontliners receive the CoronaVac (Sinovac) vaccine

Published: 2021-03-09

CebuDoc Group has started its vaccination program against COVID-19 on its healthcare workers Tuesday, March 9, 2021, with a Ceremonial Vaccination held at CebuDoc Group Vaccination Center located at the Medical Arts Building 1, Parking Area.

Dr. Potenciano "Yong" Larrazabal III, President and Chairman of the Board, receives the first dose of CoronaVac (Sinovac) vaccine to kick off the vaccination roll out in CebuDoc Group and to boost the confidence of CebuDoc Group Healthcare workers in the vaccine.

“The pandemic is getting closer and closer to us. I believe it is just a matter of days that our loved ones or staff may get infected. So vaccination is the way to go if we want to attain herd immunity. That is why I advise our family - the CebuDoc Group to please join this activity. I believe the best vaccine is the first vaccine on hand, and I am here to prove that as I receive the first vaccine today," said Dr. Potenciano ‘Yong’ Larrazbal

The Covid-19 vaccine recipients will be given two doses of the Sinovac vaccine, and will undergo a 6-step process; (1) registration, (2) orientation, (3) assessment, (4) actual vaccination, (5) post-vaccination monitoring, and (6) post-vaccination documentation.

For the first batch, 1,460 healthcare workers of CebuDoc Group are expected to get vaccinated from March 9-12, 2021, and will receive their second dose after a month.

"This is just the beginning. Once all our front liners are already inoculated, we also hope to roll out our supplementary vaccination for our family members. We will also be extending assistance to the different LGUs in Cebu for the vaccination of the Cebuanos." Larrazabal added.

CebuDoc Group received a total of 2923 vials from the Department of Health on its first batch of roll-out which will cover 2 doses of the healthcare workers.

The CSinovac's CoronaVac is the third Covid-19 vaccine brand to be approved for emergency use after Pfizer-BioNTech and AstraZeneca, respectively.

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