A message from the chairman

In the past month, Cebu Doctors University Hospital has been conferred with an honor as the Most Outstanding Hospital for Level 3-Private among more than 2,000 hospitals in the country. Based on a comprehensive evidence based audit, the Philippine Hospital Association gave us an overwhelming rating on all criteria considered.

Since I started as chairman of CebuDocGroup, it has been my commitment to you, our clients, to deliver only the excellent healthcare that you truly deserve – one which is compassionate, quality, and innovative. To do this, we have laid out long-term development plans and in just a year, we’ve already realized several projects that led to a more sustainable CebuDoc Group. As you read along the pages of this magazine, we will walk you through in discovering the all new CebuDoc. We share the progress of our three-phase expansion in MactanDoc and the opening of the first of its kind and affordable Mother and Child Center in NorthGen.

We wish for you to experience the wonderful journey of CebuDoc Group through the stories we’ve gathered here. Furthermore, we are excited to showcase our milestones like the ongoing Hospital Health Information System integration among our member hospitals and the latest equipment acquisitions such as the highly advanced radiologic machine in SouthGen. As we unfold the coming months for CebuDoc Group, we are looking forward to fulfill our visions. To mention a few are the upcoming special ward for indigents and additional private rooms in SanCarlosDoc and the Medical Arts Facility in OrmocDoc. These facilities will cater to more patients across the Visayas region. And for CebuDoc, be delighted with our latest technology upgrades as we open more specialty centers next year to strengthen our wellness brand. We kicked off the Wellness Complex with the opening of Center for Aesthetics and Laser and soon the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, Center for Dental Health, and Center for Digestive Endoscopy. These are just few of the many projects we are geared to accomplish. Know that we are keeping an eye for a healthful future in CebuDoc Group.
Happy reading and enjoy the New CebuDoc! 

Dr. Yong Larrazabal
Chairman / President 
CebuDoc Group of Hospitals

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