Leading the Pack


No less than the Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) named Cebu Doctors University Hospital (CebuDoc) as Most Outstanding Hospital - Level 3, Private in an awarding held November 14 at the Fiesta Pavilion, Manila Hotel.The hospital was recognized with the basis of excellence in the fields of service, training, research, and governance as an inspiration to over 2,000 member hospitals during the PHA 69th Annual National Convention.“It is high time that the PHA gives recognition to its members who operate with excellence and aspire to be counted among outstanding hospitals. This award will be bestowed to its members who share and live by the organization’s vision of leading, enabling, assisting, and protecting world class hospitals,” said Dr. Edgardo V. Salud, chairman of PHA Awards Committee on his opening remarks.Throughout the year, PHA seeks to recognize the three coveted recognitions, namely: the Most Outstanding Hospital Award, the Most Outstanding Chapter, and the Most Outstanding Council Award with thorough evaluation and assessment.The judging was based on the different categories such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Excellence in Governance, Accreditations, Infection Control, Disaster Preparedness, Green Hospital Initiative, Social and Sports Development Program, Staff Meetings, Safety and Patient Care, Continuity of Care, Patient Engagement and Education, and Transparency in reporting Sentinel Events of adverse reactions.

Commitment to Healthcare


Within just a year, under the leadership of its new Chairman, Dr. Potenciano “Yong” Larrazabal III, the hospital has been upgrading remarkably in response to the patients’ healthcare and wellness needs.With its continuous commitment to compassion, quality, and innovation, CebuDoc embarked on brand new perspective in healthcare through the opening of its Wellness Complex and Centers kicked off by the Center for Aesthetics and Laser, Concierge Office, and to be followedby Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, Center for Dental Care and among other developments – additional parking spaces.
“They can expect better facilities and better services. That’s our goal. Our goal is really perfection and of course, for the general well-being of the patient; everything that we can make better for the patient, we will do it,” said Dr. Yong. He also emphasized that the award will be the motivation of CebuDoc to be better and deliver better experience for the patients not only for CebuDoc but for all member hospitals of CebuDoc Group.

Aspiring to Inspire

Despite fast paced competition in healthcare industry, CebuDoc is still grounded to its values of extending quality service and reaching out to the community through joining and organizing medical missions. “Congratulations to the people working with me and behind me. This wouldn’t be possible without you guys. This is a team effort. From cleaner to nurses, to the people in the corporate team, to the governance board, everyone is involved here. My success is your success,” said Dr. Yong.

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